Why Hugging Is Important

Hugging is an influential way to express your love to others, your fears, happiness, sadness …etc. its so intense and it’s a way that shows compassion when connecting with human being.

As one family therapist said, Virginia Satir, we need each day 4 hugs those for survival, 8 hugs for supporting, and 12 hugs for growth.

Hugs are pretty good for our health, and scientist confirmed this, so try to give and received hugs a day as possible, here’s why:

1- when grieving hugs do help,

losing someone is one of the hardest thing that can ever happen, before accepting this we find ourselves unable to break free from the painful grieve  its relieving, in time of sorrow being in the arm of someone can calm our soul, it does reduce the pain, and it gives the strength to move on.

2- Hugs makes you happier

Hugging decrees the levels of oxytocin, whether “love hormone” or “bonding hormone”, which leads to happiness and improves your mood, oxytocin level can rise when we come in close contact with the people that we love.

3- Hugs may reduce the chance of getting sick

Hugging reduce the stress, so it prevents us from its negative effects, therefore it lowers the risk of getting sick, a 2014 study was made on 404 adult participants showed that hugs and interactions lower the stress level and prevent us from getting sick by supporting he immune system.

4- Hugs may reduce fear

Hugging reduce fear and anxiety, whenever you’re scared, terrified or worried you always feel like you need to hug someone, ad a hug can make you feel less of any of these emotions, when adrenaline is running through a person’s veins, being wrapped in someone’s arms make you feel protected.

5- Hugs reduce stress

hufs reduce the cholesterol level, so that helps reducing the stress, there’s a 2013 study, they compared between two participant, one had a 15 minutes conversation through a life-size huggable humanoid device, and a one who had a conversation through the phone, the study showed that the participant who had 15 minutes conversation had lower stress level than their counterparts in the mobile phone group, it do calm you sown, and give you a warmth and closeness feeling.

6- Hugs make you feel relaxed

Hugging do reduce the tension in your body, and relaxes your muscles.

7- Hugs is important for the nervous system

Hugs balance out the nervous system, this may sound weird, but when hugging someone and sensing different type of skin, the moisture and electricity in the skin show more balanced state in the nervous system.

For those reasons, hug people more and show them love, they’re the simplest way to happened and good health, and a way to express your emotions. There’s nothing like a hug to get through the day.

Every once in a while we need someone to hug us, someone to wrap us in a big long tight hug, no words, no advice, just a hug to make us feel better.

What do you think?

Written by Toly Khawas

Toly is an Interior Designer by day, writer by night and a full time artist.

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