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Vent buddy is important to your health

As a human being we need someone who listen to and be there for us, having someone is pretty good for you and your mental health, Life can get extra in the worst way possible, venting is a very healthy outlet with trusting friend and colleagues.

For women, when they become a mom, you go through hard times, but you come to the point where you no longer can handle tough situations, at this point calling your pal comes in handy, healthy friendships displays good behavior for your kids.

Probably venting buddy is not a therapist that solves your problem, but having someone who listen and offer empathetic support will help

A vent buddy is a close friend, part of your emotional support system when life gets too much, someone who you can be who you are in front of them and they will not judge you, someone who care about you someone who will always be there for you through ups and down.

And here’s why having a vent pal is good for your health

Help you to carry on

Releasing your emotions and life storms is a relieve whether work, family or social issues, especially with your pal

A study in 2009 shows that showing up your struggles and hard times with the one you trust the most, will help you to carry on with your life ,lower your negativity and your stress level, they make the healing process much easier.

You realize you’re not alone

We come to a point in life, when we’re going through battles, and we’re emotionally and physically tired, we feel lonely, but having a pal to talk to and share things with make you realize you’re not alone.

Knowing that there’s people who care about you is good for your health

You will see from a new angle

Vent buddy will help seeing things from new perspective, seeing problems from different angles can help solving them.

Practicing empathy

Keep in mind you’re not the only one who go through hard times, your pal might also go through things, interacting will help you practice empathy, being there for each other helps with staying healthy.

On the other hand being a good venting body is not easy, listening is not a passive action as some people think, it requires a little more effort than moving your head and actually hear what they say, sometimes bad listener might prevent people from speaking.

listening letting the other person know that you care and they’re being heard, making a friend comfortable can be done by little things, facing the person, eye contact, smiling, setting in a relaxed pose, let them feel comfortable with opining up.

Instead of saying the usual words “it could be worse”, or “I have it worse”, show empathy with your words “i’m sad that this happened to you” or “I’m here for you”, try cheering them up, The main factor to have a good venting buddy is by being one.

Taking care of your mental health should be a priority for you.

What do you think?

Written by Toly Khawas

Toly is an Interior Designer by day, writer by night and a full time artist.

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