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Vanessa Paradise and Lily Rose Deeb with muzzle on the streets of Paris

Vanessa Paradise and Lily Rose

Lily Rose, daughter of American star Johnny Depp and her mother, Vanessa Paradi, has been seen many times in the streets of Paris.

This was after US Weekly published a report confirming that lily-Rose Depp and American actor Timothée Chalamet had ended their relationship.

The 20-year-old actress and model, who is currently staying with her mother, was spotted there on Wednesday, May 20. In the photos revealed by the Daily Mail, the young woman put on a mask, wore a white top, a black short skirt, and sneakers signed by Air Jordan. During the day, Vanessa Paradis was also filmed in the French capital, wearing a pink powder mask, hat, jeans jacket, red polo shirt, burgundy skirt and Nike sneakers.

The next day, Lily Rose Deeb is seen again on the streets of Paris, still wearing a mask, wearing a short white top and a loose blue trousers.
This time, her brother Jacques Depp, 18, was photographed on the same day on Parisian Street. The young man wore a white shirt and khaki pants and was walking with his girlfriend, model Camille Janson.

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