Science Proves, That Men Don’t Mature Until They’re Over 40

We all know how men even when they’re adults they behave like kids, and some people believe that in relationships. typically it’s the women who’re more mature.

At this time, a new study on this came up, and here’s what they have found out.

In a study at the University of Oxford, scientists studied the differences between women and men in maturity. then they compared them and they draw conclusions about the possible differences.

The scientist comes to the conclusion that brain maturation is characterized by a long-term development of functional and structural networks that extend into adulthood.

Men take longer to mature

The study’s goal was to discover which functions change in the process of maturation and which remain constant. Researchers examined the brains of 121 participants aged 4 to 40 years through MRIs. While taking into consideration the gender and the age of the participants to locate the differences.

As the result showed, both women and men’s brains have the same potential to function in everyday life, men often exhibit some delay in the long-term development of functional networks in comparison with women.

This can remain for up to around 40 years.

Women are sharper

This why women mature later in life.

Despite that, women show an earlier deterioration of these functional networks.  

There’s a professor of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine (FM) of the UNAM and head of Neurobiology at the Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz National Institute of Psychiatry, Professor Eduardo Calixto, he clarified in a scientific article, that despite the fact that men have larger brains, but women’s show better and effective performance and they are sharper in several aspects.

Professor Eduardo Calixto

Women also have a better memory, they see colors in a detailed way, they can listen carefully for a longer period of time than men and more sensitivity to touch. But men’s brains are better geographically.

“When they tell you, woman, that you are ‘of the weaker sex’, answer that from a genetic point of view, women are stronger: their X chromosome has 1,344 active genes of 30,000 of the genetic map, while the chromosome And of men it is only 45 ”.

Explained that when we born, human brains have one hundred billion neurons on average but women’s brain have them better connected, “for example, when I say I love you, a woman understands it three times faster than a man”.

The corpus callosum, related to the communication of the cerebral hemispheres, is greater in women by up to 30 percent. “This results in two hemispheres that are in constant communication and continue contributing to the analysis of information”. “This is why, in part, women do have a greater neurobiological capacity to generate responses, which is hard for men”. “They can drive, talk, do several things, and we have trouble doing one thing at a time”.

he also confirmed that “there is no better brain than another”, but they do have differences and knowing that helps us to know what women do better and what men do better.

What do you think?

Written by Toly Khawas

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