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From Grain Silo To A Guesthouse!

Amy Kleinwachter is the owner of old world Antieks, she spends time looking for heirloom-worthy pieces, family legacies and weird architectural salvage. The best that she reached for now, is a grain silo around 14 foot, from a farm near her home. After building a farm house already she got the idea of turning this into a guest house.

Once moving the silo, Amy asked a local contractor Judy Kurtz to help her with choosing from Amy’s collection from weathered beadboard to sheet metal and window frames. she said it was kinda hard at the first cause it should sorted with the curve, but the contractor helped her with that.

Now this structure is turned to a cozy suit, it has a bed, bathroom, a front porch also, it’s great for family and friends when visiting.

Amy also said “We joke that it’s given new meaning to ‘gather ’round.’”

Living area

Notice the footrest, it used to be a champagne box, cover with grain bag as a cushion, two different leather armchairs with antique oak coffee table with a bleached coat, all that gives the area some variety.

Office area

From a flower stand to a floating desk, this is how Amy work, adding some old signs to add up the look, Amy says when buying an old signs  “Ask questions. A good dealer will know a backstory and have a clear grasp on the materials. If they’re fuzzy on that, it’s probably a fake.”


So the guests won’t smell or breath in lead paint, the old wood was fixed by treating and sealing it with a Varathane polyurethane sealant, iron queen sized bed with textures wall and covered with cozy linens, amy said “finding a comfortable antique queen has proven next to impossible.”


This a thing you can’t go too much with it as Amy said “This is the one thing a picker can never have too much of. When placing planks, I pay attention to paint weathering. I’m careful to do it in a way that looks organic—nothing too perfect, but nothing too random either,”

Bathroom vignette

An old phone nook gets a chance by turning it to a unique vintage bathroom shelf.

Wall décor

There’s a story behind this sign, ammy trated something for this sign with the Etsy vendor, “closing out our entire summer stock, drastic reductions, new fall clothes arrive daily”.

Dental Panes

Amy said “It’s essentially a tin can and inherently dark,” she added “I waded through my stash for window options with ample height and modest width to maximize natural light and still work within the constraints of the circular design.”

Back in the days she covensed a friend of her to buy an old set from a dentist office, and now she bought them back for the bedroom.

Metal Awnings

Who doesn’t love this type of windows, Amy made them extra with this metal pattern, she said “Old windows are one of my favorite things to hunt for, but metal awnings are right behind. I love how they bring depth to a design with a rugged fussiness.”

Ornate Headers

Those headers are everything, amy said “Intricately carved window and door headers are my go-to when I want to define a space or embellish without having to hang artwork,”

Front Porch

It’s just the perfect small porch we all want.

Hats off for this woman, she done an outstanding job on it, every detail is perfect.

What do you think?

Written by Toly Khawas

Toly is an Interior Designer by day, writer by night and a full time artist.

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