Cucci Spring 2020 Runway, Putting Fake Eyelashes on Their Eyebrows and Calling it Fashion

It’s like there’s nothing left to call it a fashion, so let’s spread fake eyelashes on our face and call it trend and life hacks, just nope, no no, big no, why people think that this fake eyelashes is their only way to brighten up fashion trend?, yeah girls use fake eyelashes all the time, we all like them, they make our eyes pop, and extra our look, but definitely we’re not going to put them on our eyebrow and lashes and call this a trend, ok thick eyebrows is trend for the past years, and most of us are cool with that, but this NO sir, goodbye.

Despite that, this is actually what some brands do to their models, still can’t get this. Gucci spring 2020 runway show featured this, models walking the runway with fake eyelashes on their eyebrow, and the makeup artist Thomas De Kluyver’s the one who came up with the idea, and he glued them on by himself, Cucci took thick eyebrows to a whole new crazy level.

We all know and believe how talented they are, and we admire all their work, but this is too much. Like there’re no ideas left so people went to this kind of stupid “hacks” like sticking eyelashes on eyebrows? This is so cringy and ugly.

The inspiration as they said came from Twiggy, who has known for her fashionable looks, reworking the famous 1960s doll eyes loved by Twiggy, but it turned out nothing like twiggy or her look. The models were appeared with fake lashes surreal and jarring, the result is ugly and disturbing, some of these models look mad in the photos, I bet they’re angry because they know this is off the limit and scary, but let us face this it’s kinda a nice idea for Halloween.

And the rest of the look was a thick layer of lip gloss, from Gucci’s Baume à Lèvres shade 1 in Joslyn Clair, and yeah that’s all ,the makeup was bare to highlight “the unique and natural beauty of each model.”

The hairstylist Paul Hanlon did a variety of looks, terf bangs, geometric braids and messy bobs, The collection aimed to “allow people to walk through fields of possibilities, cultivate beauty, make diversity sacrosanct and celebrate the self in expression and identity,” the brand tweeted.

“To give a glimpse of fields of possibility, to suggest clues and openings, to cultivate promises of beauty, to make diversity sacred and to feed an indispensable capacity for self-determination”. 

Despite all that the models look gorgeous, and our complains is about the fake lashes, the eyelashes for me doesn’t look pretty, they’re creepy and odd, like eyebrows are the frame of the face and our face features created to stay the same, we may make small changes but moving parts is not acceptable, and it’s not Halloween, I only accept this during halloween for me I like to use my eyelashes where they supposed to on my eyelids not my eyebrow.

What do you think?

Written by Toly Khawas

Toly is an Interior Designer by day, writer by night and a full time artist.

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