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Bedtime novels with the voice of Hollywood stars in an initiative launched by Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner

Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner

Hollywood star Jennifer Garner, in cooperation with her friend, star Amy Adams, launched a campaign that provides books, educational activities and games for children whose schools closed their schools in poor areas because of Corona.

Since the Corona pandemic began sweeping the countries of the world, attention has drawn attention to the rising numbers, increasing infection rates, various protection methods, precautionary and preventive measures, closing schools to protect children and trying to invest in distance learning, which has detonated positive energy and various initiatives that seek to alleviate the people and people most affected by others Because a lot of work stopped and donation campaigns did not fail to provide different aid, but what the two world stars did was a little different, they targeted the children in their entirety to entertain them through the Hollywood stars reading their favorite children’s stories with their voices for the children of the world so that they invest their time and do not miss learning.

Two Hollywood stars collaborated with the global publishing, education and media company for children, and in mid-March they launched the #SaveWithStories initiative, to highlight children across the country who need help and support during this difficult period .. The initiative is a place on IGTV to watch celebrities Your favorites read your children’s favorite books.

Jennifer and Amy announced that the hashtag will provide books, educational activities and games to suit all ages of children who closed their schools in poor areas through this initiative.

The initiative began with Adams reading with her story the story of “The Dinosaur Princess” or “Princess of the Dinosaurs,” accompanied by her daughter Aviana, while Jennifer Garner read the story of The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark or “Three Little Fishes and a Big Evil Shark.”

While the American actress urged her fans and followers on social media, to donate to the victims of children affected by “Covid-19”.

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