Beard Lights, New Trend For Christmas

It’s already autumn and We’re month away from December, and with December most of us keep thinking how to celebrate Christmas in another way, we may have started looking for gifts. If you’re the type of person who like and enjoy decorating for Christmas you may want to decorate in the new fashion.

I’m sure we’ve all looked for different of trends this year including decorating for Christmas, it seems like There’s no end for creativity that people came up with the idea of decorating beard with lights, how can this be done? By decorating beard with lights, it kinda sounds funny, but the result is nice.

It doesn’t stop on decorating your beard only, it does make a nice gift to your hairy friend for Christmas, they also flash, you can clip them to your hair and enjoy Christmas in style.

Here is a description from the website: “Not got room for a Christmas tree in your dismally small rental flat? Join the club! Don’t bother with one of those dinky desk-sized ones, just get these and make yourself the tree this year.”

Just imagine the amount of money and effort you’ll save, from buying the tree and trim it.

The led lights come in money color, total 18 multicolored nano-LED lights and attachment clips. Each light on the string changes color and flashes, change color, flash, easily clip onto beards, and are quite unobtrusive. they’re enough to decorate anything, they’re like normal fairy lights but instead they’re small, you can hide them in your facial hair.

And since they’re so small you might even forget you’re wearing them, just make sure that you keep them away from water, don’t wear them out in the rain.

If you don’t have facial hair that doesn’t mean you can use and wear them, you can also wear fairy lights on your head hair, it’s a great idea for girls and boys to be a little different for this Christmas.

With aim of doing something and make things more epic, these lights come with flowery clips and shimmering pink wire, they know what girls like. There’s no excuse for not being different this Christmas.

No house is complete without lights hanging around, so we can give Santa a shot with holidays lights, and you becoming a moving tree.

They’re sold out on firebox, “Trust us, you can’t even tell they’re there when they’re in, [they’re] so unobtrusive,” as Firebox describes them. “We tested them on our extensive range of hirsute staff members and they all agree.”

One buyer wrote: “absolutely hysterical and was one of the main talking points during Christmas in our house. Lovely bright LED’s, good functions and apparently the clips were comfortable!”

Also someone said: “Bought as a joke gift for Christmas for my daughters husband who has a very bushy beard. Thought the kids would love it.”

Another said: “Brilliant product, bought for my hairy son, Lit up his night shift!”.

People won’t notice your ugly Christmas sweater with these lights, hopefully they’ll bring some laughs this Christmas.

What do you think?

Written by Toly Khawas

Toly is an Interior Designer by day, writer by night and a full time artist.

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