A Firm Creates Beautiful Art Pieces With Your Beloved Pet Ashes

Losing your pet is one of the toughest things in life, and they deserve to be remembered for the cuteness and love they express, for the sake of helping to keep those memories with us, a firm called Davenport memorable glass has come up with a brilliant ideas to keep our pets close to our heart, a meaningful thing, check these memorial glass pieces down below.

Glassmaker Cameron Davenport, helps the families to keep a memory for their pets nearby, cremated remains into gorgeous glass trinkets using a tiny amount of ashes.

Cameron came up with the idea after losing a friend, he said in an interview “One day it came to me, and I decided to make him into a marble,” Cameron said. “There were quite a few friends that thought this was a neat idea and asked me to make them some memorial glass as well. It sort of just snowballed after that.”

Davenport memorial glass are specialist in making beautiful memorable pieces to remind us of our beloved pets, they turn pet’s ashes into a beautiful glass art.

They can make any idea you want, anything you want to memorialize your loved pets.

They make them small so you can carry them with you all the time.

Or something in the shape of your pet, something can be displayed.

“Ash heart and pendant. Made with the ashes of a beautiful young girl born to rock”

Devanport writes of their website “Our goal is to physically capture a moment, to create a keepsake that brings back a memory,” the statement continue “Nothing will compare to the time spent with your loved one, but we hope to aid in treasuring them and remembering the precious time you had together.”

“They love the work I do for them and the meaning behind it. As each day goes on, I become more and more grateful for the people in my life and the time I get to spend with them. Doing this type of work really highlights the love in my life. I look forward to many more years of spreading joy and comfort through memorial glass.”

The artist believes that its important to bond with their clients, and make connection, in order to get a little insight into their bond with their lost pet, to get some inspiration and ideas to create a meaningful piece.

Davenport has a process to integrate the ashes into the glass, “The ashes put a lot of stress into the glass while working with it, making it very difficult to work with,” he explained. “I’ve had many glass artists contact me and ask how I do it. I’d be up for teaching a class one day.”

There’s no way we know for memorializing our pets after passing away, but when it comes to creativity everything is possible, this firm create a new way to memorializing our lost pets, with those glass pieces, each art piece means something special to the person who lost their beloved pet.

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Written by Toly Khawas

Toly is an Interior Designer by day, writer by night and a full time artist.

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