7 tips to get Cristiano Ronaldo’s body

Cristiano Ronaldo's body

There is no doubt that the Portuguese star has the most ideal physical ingredients in the world of the green rectangle, and he is perhaps the most complete athlete in physical terms in the world of sports.

Cristiano does not stop training and his strength lies in his great energies that help him recover quickly from injuries, supremacy and play until the last moments, in addition to his aesthetic that makes him one of the most important propaganda faces.

What advice would anyone be able to turn to Cristiano Ronaldo?

1- Daily routine exercise

Cristiano Ronaldo is an exercise fanatic, training 3 to 4 hours a day for 5 days a week, and his most prominent repeated exercises:

4 intermittent jogging periods (25-30 minutes per minute)

– Jogging exercises between the boards very quickly (help to change direction)

– exercises for the muscles of the body as a whole and additional exercises for the special muscles that have heaviness in matches (such as the thigh)

2- Strong stomach muscles

It is not a secret what Cristiano does regarding stomach muscles, but his obsession with this exercise made him outperform everyone, as he told the Daily Star in 2009 he performed about 3000 exercises per day.

Cristiano performs these exercises on a daily basis, even while watching TV.

3- Cristiano and the water

Cristiano drinks a large amount of water every day, which helps him to maintain his health, as well as away from drinking alcohol completely.

4- The nature of Cristiano’s food

Cristiano is eating protein-rich meals with lots of carbohydrates, fruits, grains and vegetables, and he avoids eating sweets and foods that contain a lot of sugar.

5- Distributing meals

Cristiano distributes his food over six small meals a day, to ensure that he maintains sufficient energy to continue playing.

6- Mental exercise

Cristiano trains his mind as well as his body, so mental strength is important as well as physical and helps achieve goals.

7- Relaxing at leisure

While Cristiano Ronaldo does exercises continuously, he takes advantage of his spare time to fully relax and spend with family and friends which helps him to stay in good mental state.

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